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Click Track Profit Review

Click Track Profit

Click Track Profit

I spent all weekend trying to decide if this is something I should be promoting or not, and ultimately I decided it is a good downline builder resource, so I opted to tell you about it, but I’m going to try and be very clear on what it IS and what it IS NOT so you guys go into it with out any false pre conceived notions.

It is Click Track Profit, and it was launced by Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and Just Ledvina.

It IS a nice downline builder for Sweeva, StartXChange, I Love Hits, EasyHits4U, Traffic Splash, TE Toolbox, Adkreator, and TrafficWave.  It also provides some semi-decent “training videos” along the way. Supposedly over time they are going to add more training videos, giving it to you in small easy to swallow doses, however it being a new site, I have no idea what those training videos are, nor can I attest to their quality or the quality of the content within them.  However, that being said, I CAN attest to the fact that i have already been receiving referrals in the programs included downline builder, even without advertising Click Track Profit itself.

It is not some amazingly high valued product at a great deal that you will make a ton of money selling, yes there is an upgrade option, yes you can earn commission, but would I recommend upgrading? Really the Jury is still out on that, at present I would say no.  However after I see the videos and training they are supposedly adding over time, it may prove to be very high value of content in the videos and turn out to be some super great awesome thing that’s worth every penny, but at the time, I’m not putting my name on the line that it will be, without seeing it myself first.

Click Track Profit is a good down line builder.  It provides training videos, the videos are decent and may give some people who are really new to this an idea of what is going on and a platform to jump off from, but at the same time for me they leave something to be desired. But, it is what it is.  And what it is, is an effective downline builder.  Join it for the down line builder, check out the training videos if you want, if you are someone that wants to take the risk and get the future installments of the training videos, then go ahead and upgrade, that is totally up to you.

This program is new, it wasn’t JVed, and Tim told me it has 125 members currently, it has not been advertised yet to the big named people’s lists, and when they do it will be random referrals to upgraded members, so keep that in mind.. but like I said.. join it just for the down line builder if nothing else, because the down line builder section is free, and has been effective so far for me at least.

If you are interested you can sign up today at Click Track Profit (http://bit.ly/e7hyj1) I’m not offering any sort of reward or incentive for joining or anything like that which some places do, because frankly it is completely your decision to make, but I hope you use the information provided to make an educated and informed decision for yourself.

Since this post, they have added walk-through videos for creating splash pages, and page tracking which are pretty cool, they call it their “Certification” and it shows you how to make a splash, then you submit it, then it shows you how to add tracking, then you run it through various TE’s to get tracking data which it shows you in the program itself, this added stuff is pretty cool to get people started on making branded splash pages and tracking their results, the programs value has increased and I would probably now recommended signing up for it for those features as well as the downline builder.

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  • Phil

    This sounds worth giving a try. I know, I could use the help in building a down-line. Creating Splash pages will also be a bonus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kapella.guy Kapella Guy

    This is a great review on what this can do and what it can not do.
    I like the fact you have given it your honest appraisal

  • http://incomestreams.ws Togrul Guliyev

    Thanks for sharing your review on this new program john

    Now I’ve definitely made up my mind to join and test its downline building opportunities.